Join Trapp at IMPACT 2014 | Sage User Conference in New Jersey

Are you a Sage software user? Wouldn’t you love to have one place to receive training, learn about upcoming features, and network with other Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor users?

Join us on May 1-2 at Caesars in Atlantic City, NJ for this one day conference hosted just for you! We’d love to see you there!

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Attend this conference to:

  • Learn new software and workflow tips and tricks.
  • Learn about upcoming features, enhancements & add-on products.
  • Network with other Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor and Estimating users.
  • Interact with Sage representatives, ask product questions and share ideas for upcoming products releases.
  • Special giveaways – chance to win iPads, gift cards, and many other items in our Exhibit Hall
  • Stump the Consultant – Visit the Accordant booth and get your chance to ask our experts any question. Stump our consultants and win a $25 gift card if your choice!
  • ….And more!

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Also Featuring our Lunch Keynote Speaker, Carmen Ciricillo, The Construction Comic!
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  • May 1, 2014 – 6:30pm-8:30 pm
    Opening Welcome Reception
  • May 2, 2014 – 7:00am-6:00pm
    All Day Conference   

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Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Galen Sailer

Meet Galen, one of Trapp Online’s Technical Support Engineers!

Trapp Online Tech SupportDescribe your job at Trapp Online.
People call in with issues, and I fix them.

How do you describe what you do for a living to your friends?
I pull out my phone and show them a demo server that I can run on my phone. They usually look at me like I’m the most uninteresting person in the world at this point, so I change the topic.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a high school Math Teacher.

If you could trade places with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could trade places with a famous person, I would probably trade places with a famous actor like Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher.

What’s the last book you read in its entirety?
The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo.

What is your favorite sport to watch? To play?
I enjoy a good football game. I love cycling.

What’s your ideal travel destination?
Somewhere warm and remote.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
Cycling and Hiking, usually at the same time.

Do you do any volunteer work?
I used to volunteer at AZStRUT. I heavily recommend it if you want to become more technology inclined.  Continue reading “Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Galen Sailer” »

Trapp Online Help Desk Now Pulls All Nighters | Expanded Hours

To continue providing mind blowing support to our cloud hosting customers, Trapp Online has made the move to offer live phone support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to their entire client base!

Cloud Help Desk

Online Cloud Help Desk

Trapp Online Help Desk

“Trapp Online is making monumental steps to meet our customers’ needs. Expanding our live support hours aligns with our mission to give our clients the ultimate hosting experience,” says Technical Support Manager Jason Claiborne. “We now have phone lines manned by Trapp Online support technicians from 9:00 PM Arizona time on Sunday to 9:00 PM Arizona time on Friday. Continuing on with our after hours on-call support is important to us as well. We will never be more than a phone call away.”

This addition is just one aspect of the Trapp Online support experience. It begins with our dedicated Onboarding Specialists that work meticulously to migrate your applications to the cloud. Our team of support technicians help you log in to the cloud, train your team, and answer any questions you may have about your application’s platform.

If you find that you need assistance outside of our extended live support hours, you can always visit, or call our help desk line for on-call support.  Continue reading “Trapp Online Help Desk Now Pulls All Nighters | Expanded Hours” »

Four Top Homebuilder Concerns and Their IT Solutions

By Tom Gebes
Hands down, home building is the most idiosyncratic and unpredictable business in the economy. It’s where SQL technology and BIM models meet delays caused by a clump of mud in the house framer’s compressor. But our industry has seen dramatic IT advances over the last five years, as forward-looking software and Cloud providers have invested during the downturn, preparing for the very markets we are seeing today. In fact, for today’s home builders, unpredictability is increasingly mastered by IT solutions…yes, even ones that can adjust a multi-faceted schedule due to a muddy air compressor. Let’s take a closer look.

“The Cloud and advanced software … have leveled the playing field. Now, mid-market builders are eating big builders’ lunches by merging the best of customization with the best of production building.”
What we see as the four hottest builder concerns can all be addressed by hardware and software solutions: 1) Overall cost avoidance, especially of IT infrastructure and IT talent, 2) Predictability of margins, 3) zero/near-zero variances from the projected workflow, and 4) the ability to scale-up without staffing up.

In fact, because with today’s Cloud solution and software advances like those found in BuilderMT, builders of any size can take advances of IT solutions that used to be available to only the largest and wealthiest builder. Yes indeed, the Cloud and advanced software truly have leveled the playing field. Now, mid-market builders are eating big builders’ lunches by merging the best of customization with the best of production building. And this new breed of builders, Production Custom Builders, is possible only through the power of advanced IT.

Now, let’s dive deeper on those four topics:

  1. Overall cost avoidance: It used to be that a builder had to install servers and hire IT staff to run them. That was the only way to get advanced software capability to manage the vast amount of data created by options, estimating, and purchasing. No longer. Cloud solutions have dramatically lowered these costs, and builders can use proven advanced software like BuilderMT to identify and eliminate operational costs. We’ve got two dozen case studies to prove this.  Continue reading “Four Top Homebuilder Concerns and Their IT Solutions” »

5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Cloud Provider: Whiteboard Wednesday

When you’ve decided to move your businesses software to the cloud, it may seem like your toughest decision is over. Wrong! Now you’re faced with the task of finding an ideal cloud provider for your business that will fit your needs. The search might seem daunting at first, but we’ve outlined a few helpful tips to help you find your way.

How to Choose a Cloud Provider

How is our cloud different?

The Trapp Online cloud may seem to be similar to other clouds on the surface, but our security and redundancy take things to a higher level that you wont find anywhere else. Strict server security ensures your critical data’s integrity. Our data center utilizes Terminal Services technology and non-typical external ports to provide extremely secure hosting and access of your financial data.  Continue reading “5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Cloud Provider: Whiteboard Wednesday” »

Trapp Online to attend 2nd annual Ledgerwood Technology Day #LAITechDay

Ledgerwood Associates Tech Day 2014

Session 3A: Sage 100 – Mobility in the Modern Day | LAI / Trapp Online (TimberCloud) and ExakTime

“To achieve the full potential of the new technologies…it is critical to understand how effectively project information is flowing between project team partners, between the jobsite and the main office, and between systems within the company.” – McGraw Hill Construction Smart Market Report

Join Tony Merry from LAI, Reed Clarke from Trapp Online (TimberCloud) and Robert Henson (ExakTime) as they present the McGraw Hill Construction study “Information Mobility: Improving Team Collaboration Through the Movement of Project Information” and contribute their industry knowledge on how mobility affects the Project Lifecycle. The MGH study respondents were divided between General Contractors and Specialty Trade Contractors.Takeaways include the impact on Costs and Project ROI of improved information mobility.

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About Trapp Online and Ledgerwood Associates

Sage Hosted Solutions from Trapp Online helps Sage Business Partner, Ledgerwood Associates, Inc. close sales and increase customer satisfaction. Hosted customers are easier to support and new customers enjoy an installation process that is simpler for them and more predictable for Ledgerwood Associates. More than 25 Ledgerwood Associates customers host Sage 300 CRE (formerly Sage Timberline Office), Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) and related third-party applications with Trapp Online.

Trapp Online’s customized cloud for Sage software offers dedicated servers and advanced data security creating a stable, secure hosting environment for Ledgerwood’s clients.

Contractor Business Solutions NW Signs Trapp Online as Preferred Hosting Provider

Custom Sage 100 and Sage 300 hosting now available to Northwest contractors

Scottsdale, AZ. – April 7, 2014 – Scottsdale based Trapp Online,, a provider of industry-specific cloud hosting solutions, is proud to announce that Contractor Business Solutions NW (CBSNW), a Sage North America business partner, has signed Trapp Online as their Preferred Provider for Application Hosting Services.

“Trapp Online has a long track record with Sage construction software that makes their Sage-friendly hosting platform a solid cloud solution for our clients.”
– Jon Newsom, CBSNW
The agreement brings together CBSNW’s construction and real estate software solutions and Trapp Online’s custom application hosting platform for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor and related applications. CBSNW’s customers in the Northwestern United States can now more readily enjoy the benefits of application hosting, through Trapp Online.

“Contractor Business Solutions NW is a Sage Business Partner recognized for their success in the construction industry,” said DJ Jones, Vice President of Marketing, Trapp Corp. ”We are proud to partner with them to bring hosting to their customers in the Northwest.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Trapp Online will provide hosting services at discounted rates and CBSNW will jointly market Trapp Online’s hosting services to prospects and existing customers.

“Hosting is a great way for construction companies to take advantage of the cloud,” stated Jon Newsom, Partner, CBSNW. “Trapp Online has a long track record with Sage construction software that makes their Sage-friendly hosting platform a solid cloud solution for our clients.”  Continue reading “Contractor Business Solutions NW Signs Trapp Online as Preferred Hosting Provider” »

Ask the Expert with Josh Weidman of Trapp Corp

When it comes to the back end of Trapp Online’s cloud hosting solution, no one knows their way around our infrastructure like Josh Weidman. Saying that our network has been a labor of love for Josh would be an understatement — he lives and breathes for the backbone of our cloud hosting solutions. Josh became a part of Trapp Corp. at the ground level, and has since seen it transform from a remote accounting business to a company that provides a full suite of IT services.

Sit down for a few minutes with Josh, and learn about how Trapp has transformed since our inception in 2007.

About Josh Weidman

Josh Weidman | Trapp Corp.With 10 years and numerous tech-centric company launches under his belt, Josh leads a team of engineers in the conception and implementation of complex, customized network infrastructure environments. He specializes in developing IaaS and application management systems for mid-market to enterprise-level businesses. As one of the founding members of Trapp Corp., Josh built Trapp’s infrastructure from the ground up on Cisco hardware. His vast technical understanding of both virtual and physical networks enables him to build intricate systems that are tailored to fit a company’s specific needs. Josh holds A+, Net+, MCSE (Server 2000), CCNA (Cisco), and VCP certifications.

Josh is an avid outdoorsman, and is often found hunting, fishing, or otherwise enjoying life beyond the data center walls. Though he finds time for his hobbies, Josh’s true passion is making sense out of complex problems and actualizing the successful solution.

Do you have questions for Josh?

What burning questions about networking, Infrastructure as a Service, data center infrastructure, or cloud computing do you have? Submit your questions for the next Ask the Expert video!  Continue reading “Ask the Expert with Josh Weidman of Trapp Corp” »

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need the Cloud: Whiteboard Wednesday

You’ve set out on a journey to achieve the American dream — to start a successful business. Being your own boss also means being totally self-reliant, and while that is often a freeing feeling, it also comes with what can be a crushing level of fiscal responsibility.

TOL-to-Colo-header-storm“You have to be ready for hard work and frugal spending to get the idea off the ground.”
–Garrett Camp, Co-Founder, StumbleUpon

Pinching pennies is going to be necessary in your early days. Getting lean and mean with your startup’s budget can be the difference between becoming profitable and shutting your doors. But just because you’re on a strict spending plan doesn’t mean you should have to cut corners on the necessities.

Cloud for Small Business

Reduced Up Front Costs

In 2012, U.S.-based small businesses used 4 cloud-based services on average, up from 1 in 2009. That number will grow to an average of 7 cloud-based services by 2015. The promise of reduced capital expenses and predictable monthly operating expenses is incredibly attractive to startups who need great amounts of computing power, but lack the large chunk of cash to invest in expensive hardware and data center space. By utilizing the cloud, these companies don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to save a buck.

When in doubt, hire out

Now, this may seem counter intuitive to the whole idea that you should save money wherever possible, but you certainly wont be saving money by trying to test your DIY skills on your network infrastructure and critical data. What started out as an attempt to save money could turn into an awfully costly rescue mission. Having a team of experts at your side will not only save you a lot of headaches, but it could save you thousands in the long run.  Continue reading “5 Reasons Small Businesses Need the Cloud: Whiteboard Wednesday” »

Trapp Online Releases Groundbreaking Trapp Galaxy Platform

Cloud computing company takes anywhere access beyond the stratosphere

Scottsdale, AZ. – April 1, 2014 – Scottsdale based Trapp Online,, today announced the debut of Trapp Galaxy, a first-of-its-kind remote access network that extends into intergalactic regions of the Milky Way. The new product launch paves the way for innovators to take their server virtualization to places never before imagined.

Trapp Galaxy

“We are excited to be the first company to expand their portfolio into the celestial arena,” stated Reed Clarke, Vice President of Sales. “Trapp Galaxy is poised to be the front runner in aerospace remote server infrastructure.”

Trapp Galaxy leverages their existing ultra-redundant cloud infrastructure to provide out of this world accessibility to interstellar travelers, professionals, and researchers. With the remarkable advances in commercial space travel by companies such as Virgin Galactic, Trapp Galaxy is proud to provide a highly sought after service that cosmologists have desired for decades. Trapp Galaxy’s team has worked alongside our intergalactic consultant to make sure that no meteor goes unturned, and that our robust network can stand up to wormholes and gravitational waves.

The key to Trapp Galaxy’s success is the proprietary Super Nova Vortex — a server infrastructure that is unrivaled by any other remote server provider. “We’ve been laser focused on the development of the Super Nova Vortex,” states Josh Weidman, Vice President of Infrastructure. “Trapp Connect is light years ahead of the competition with this one.” Specifically, cosmologists will be able to access Trapp Connect’s premium blend of up to four Internet Service Providers while in orbit. “This is really a big bang for intergalactic connectivity, especially once people realize the gravity behind our new product.”

Staying true to their commitment to stellar support, Trapp Galaxy’s support team will be stationed on the International Space Station, manned by NASA-approved level 3 Technical Support Engineers to provide 24/7/365 live support.

About Trapp Online
Trapp Online, a division of Trapp Corp., provides online hosting solutions for application service providers and net centric companies around the universe. The company’s custom, dedicated, IT and application hosting services create a better overall Cloud experience for business. Customers love their US- and ISS-based support team, available 24/7 via live chat, e-mail, or phone. Visit for Trapp Online Updates or call 1-877-942-2568.

Media Contact:
DJ Jones
Vice President of Marketing
602-443-9145 x2007