Momentum for Cloud Hosting Adoption in 2014 Revealed in New Study

Study reveals 2014 Cloud adoption rates, top considerations when selecting a cloud hosting provider, and anticipated benefits of cloud computing from executive and IT professionals.

It’s no secret that organizations of all sizes across the spectrum of industries have increasingly adopted cloud hosting services for mission critical processes and applications. Evolve IP’s latest survey of 1,257 executives and IT professionals about cloud adoption reveals cloud deployment in 2014 is reaching near-universal levels, in the report entitled, “Cloud of Dreams: The Adoption of Cloud Services -2014”.

cloud hosting

According to the report, executive and IT professionals have differing views in expectations and beliefs about the cloud, yet 9 out of 10 respondent believe cloud computing is the future of IT, with 67% of them as self-described “cloud believers”.

81% of respondents have at least one cloud hosting service deployed, with 2.7 as the average of cloud services. By 2017, 75% have plans to add new or additional cloud services, such as servers and data centers, co-location and backup, and phone systems.


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Cloud Based CRM for Small Business | Trapp Online’s CRM Online Solutions

Trapp Online solutions for Cloud based CRM for Small Business and CRM cloud benefits.

CRM cloud

Today, many small to mid-size businesses are already taking advantage of powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that are specifically designed for organizations their size, to leverage all the tools and benefits they offer.

As small business CRM applications mature and become more affordable, many are transitioning to cloud based CRM for small business to utilize the same familiar features and functions as a locally installed software, while gaining the mobility and flexibility a CRM cloud can offer.

Trapp Online has taken the guesswork of daunting implementation and customization out of the process to provide the best cloud based CRM for small business.


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Cloud ERP Can Meet Worldwide Demands of Next-Gen ERP

Cloud ERP will meet the needs of “What the World Wants in a Next-Generation ERP” study by Epicore.

Gartner’s “Adoption of Cloud ERP Survey” produced earlier this year advised CIOs and application leaders to “consider Cloud ERP as a potential replacement for aging core ERP systems that are out of support of running on an old technology platforms”.

Since then, ERP cloud has been accelerating faster than industry predictions. It’s easy to see why! The majority of organizations utilizing ERP systems rate them as “basic”, according to a newly released survey by ERP vendor Epicor, citing “greater responsiveness and access to information” as top ERP needs, both of which can be found in a cloud based ERP.

On a cloud based ERP, users experience increased efficiency, enhanced performance, scalability, and ease of deployment. In terms of easier, simpler, accessibility, 48% of respondents surveyed “want easier access to information”.

Demand for mobilizing ERP systems are also on the rise, with 43% wanting access on smartphones, and 38% via ipad or tablet.

A mere 20% of businesses desire to continue to invest in legacy on premise systems versus 64% seeking a mix and match of on-premise and ERP in the cloud solutions.

Epicor published this infographic displaying highlights of “What the World Wants in a Next-Generation ERP”:

cloud ERP


Learn more about Cloud ERP solutions:

Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting | Case Study Highlights

Trapp Online highlights benefits of cloud hosting, cloud accounting, cloud ERP, and cloud CRM, through case accounting software reviews

Throughout the years, Trapp Online has released Case Studies in conjunction with Small to Enterprise-level business customers, who wanted to share their success stories of cloud accounting  adoption. Our Case Studies discovered their initial issues with software and applications and further assessed how Trapp Online’s business solutions, such as Quickbooks hosting, could address them.

Out of the thousands of customers we have, we’ve compiled a snapshot of the most common business benefits and advantages of cloud accounting, based on our previous case studies. Continue reading “Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting | Case Study Highlights” »

Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Darrin Jackson

Welcome Darrin Jackson, one of our multi-talented Technical Support Engineers helping customers with accounting in the cloud!

Technical Support EngineerDescribe your job at Trapp Online.
I provide the most excellent tech support for our awesome clients!

How do you describe what you do for a living to your friends?
I work for a company that helps with accounting in the cloud.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A video game designer!

If you could trade places with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Bob Marley, the ultimate version of someone who loves life, and has lots of Love to give. Continue reading “Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Darrin Jackson” »

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) Buzzword Reaches Hype Peak (Gartner)

IoT tops Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report, as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Hybrid Cloud Computing get ready to mature.

cloud computing adoptionEach year, Gartner releases a Hype Cycle Special Report of emerging technologies trends and buzzwords. The key theme of the latest, and 20th anniversary of the report, is the journey to digital business, and reveals “The Internet of Things”(IoT) topping the list as the most hyped technology of 2014, overtaking last year’s “Big Data” reign. (See graph below)

The report offers a highlight of overhyped areas and estimates the relative maturity of technologies, trends, IT methodologies and management disciplines. Ultimately, it aims to provide organizations a timeline to assist decision makers such as CIOs, R&D leaders, Entrepreneurs, and global market developers, in identifying and employing the right technologies at the right time.

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Trapp Silver Sponsor of 6th Annual Marketing Technology Summit presented by AZTC and BMAPHX

Marketing Tech Summit 2014

Trapp is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 6th Annual Marketing Technology Summit, presented by the Arizona Technology Council (AZTC) and the Phoenix Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMAPHX). Over 300 business-to-business (B2B) marketing, sales, and technology professionals will gather to educate, network, and gain key industry insights at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas. The half-day program will feature top-tier education from exceptional panelists and exhibitors, including Keynote Speakers Laura Ramos (@lauraramos), VP of CMO Professionals, and Rowan Trollope (@rowantrollope), SVP & GM of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group. The focus of the Marketing Technology Summit 2014 will be leveraging tools and tactics of Big Data to create a leading marketing and sales content and strategies! Continue reading “Trapp Silver Sponsor of 6th Annual Marketing Technology Summit presented by AZTC and BMAPHX” »

Using Cloud-Based Software to Deliver Reliable Branding Services on a Global Scale

By Danna Simons


Picture this: You’re a corporate event coordinator, and you just arrived onsite at your annual company-wide event in the Bahamas, only to realize that you forgot to order the 500 T-shirts your CEO requested for the event’s giveaway item. Your event starts in three days, and you need this order—now. Is it possible? Can you find a vendor that can order the right shirts in this quantity with an imprint of your event logo and ship them internationally to your hotel before the event starts? It is! Continue reading “Using Cloud-Based Software to Deliver Reliable Branding Services on a Global Scale” »

Trapp Online Heads to TOPS CAMfire Conference 2014!

TOPS CAMfire Conference

Trapp Online is a proud partner of TOPS Software, the developer of the industry-leading TOPS Professional Software suite for Condominium and Homeowner’s Association Management. As a longtime provider of Cloud Hosting solutions for TOPS Professional and TOPS IQ software, Trapp Online will be front and center at this year’s CAMfire Confrence by TOPS.

The CAMfire Conference kicks off tomorrow August 7, 2014, gathering Community Association Management (CAM) professionals, industry thought leaders, and TOPS Software users in St. Petersburg, FL. This 2 day event aims to educate, network, and build relationships between TOPS users, accounting professionals, property managers, and management company executives alike! Continue reading “Trapp Online Heads to TOPS CAMfire Conference 2014!” »

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education System

The impacts of Cloud Computing for businesses, by now, are well-known. Security, increased efficiency, and a better use of IT budget, is Cloud 101. But just as important to note are the additional benefits of the Cloud on the Education sector.

The way educators are teaching and students are learning is evolving alongside modern technology. It should come as no surprise that The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, more commonly known as the E-Rate Program, is revamping policies to focus on supporting 21st Century Technologies, such as smart devices, Wi-Fi, and the Cloud.

cloud computing in classroomAccording the latest report from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up online survey of over 400,000 teachers, administrators, students and community members, Technology helps students:

-apply academic concepts in real world problems (58%)
-take ownership of their learning (57%)
-develop problem solving and critical thinking skills (57%)

Educators utilize digital content, such as virtual labs, videos, real-time data, and online textbooks to increase engagement (79%) and to address evolving learning styles (72%). Continue reading “Benefits of Cloud Computing in Education System” »