Automate Accounting your E-Commerce with Webgility on the Cloud

Webgility Connects your Accounting and E-Commerce Software

Utilizing the cloud allows your business to focus on providing its products and services while a team of professionals handles your technology. If you are running your accounting or e-commerce software on the cloud, you already know how great it is having complete control over your data. Webgility enhances your experience with tools automating your accounting process.


E-commerce is a powerful way to reach your customers. The Internet really is everywhere now and having your market online allows you to reach everyone. But having a market online can come with a lot of book keeping. Webgility is a great tool for any business running an online store because it connects your e-commerce store with your accounting software.

You know the frustration of having to enter all your transactions manually. You have to dedicate too much time entering your data and making sure that all records are accurate. Webgility can connect your QuickBooks and e-commerce platform to automate all your data entry processes. Continue reading “Automate Accounting your E-Commerce with Webgility on the Cloud” »

Mobile Data: Keeping Your Data Secure

Don’t Lose Your Mobile Data in Transit

Mobility has improved the workplace in many ways. From making travel more productive, to having the flexibility to work from home, your devices have given you access to your work on the go. Unfortunately, there are some threats to your security when using mobile data. Luckily, the cloud can end these security risks!

Mobile DataEver lost your phone? The thought of all the personal information floating around in some stranger’s hands is enough to drive anybody nuts. The loss or theft of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile device is among the worst productivity catastrophes that a professional can experience. And beyond that, this could mean your information will be stolen.

Your device is your office while you are on the road. Without mobile data, you cannot work or communicate with your team. While there is financial loss from the hardware, there is the bigger financial cost of losing corporate data. Knowing where your mobile data is being saved when on your mobile device will let you keep track of your information and where you can move it to keep it safe. Continue reading “Mobile Data: Keeping Your Data Secure” »

Spring Cleaning: Your Business and the Cloud

Organizing Your Business With the Cloud

Spring is a great time to get organized and take the next big steps to set your business on the road to growth. With a clear understanding on how performance from last year can be improved and some time spent developing new plans of action, you are probably ready to get going! This spring you can give your business new focus by moving to the cloud!

the cloudIt’s spring-cleaning time and that means it is time to clean up any problems you may have had with IT. Perhaps you want to clean up the stack of payments you have to make for IT. Maybe you want to clean up your process and have your data readily available with remote access. You could also use an MSP that covers your daily maintenance tasks while you get ahead on your projects. The cloud lets you focus on your business so you can keep your machine spick and span.

Are you a small to medium sized business that wants to get better technology but doesn’t want the strain on their budgets? Maybe you have in-house servers that are slowing down and cannot fully support what you want to achieve. These fixes can come at a huge cost and require people in your IT department. Moving to the cloud can clean up your bills and make the payments more manageable. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning: Your Business and the Cloud” »

Why Managed Service Providers Make a Difference

Making the Decision to Use Managed Service Providers

Regardless of the size of your business, there is a lot of opportunity in using managed service providers to reach IT goals. When deciding on your service, you should have a clear idea of what your businesses needs are and why MSPs are a good option. These are some reasons you should consider managed service providers and how their solutions improve your business.

Managed Service ProvidersThere are many reasons your business could be looking into managed services. Your in-house servers could be nearing the end of their lifetime. Maybe you want to upgrade to the latest technology but don’t have the resources to implement. Small businesses can also use managed services to access a wider variety of technology at an affordable price.

The best way to go with your decision is having a plan of action. Managed Service Providers create a solution that is tailored to your unique business. With that information, you have to know what exactly your managed service providers need to provide. Let’s say your business’s servers are nearing the end of their lifetime. If your goal is to update, you have a better idea of what your managed service provider can do. Continue reading “Why Managed Service Providers Make a Difference” »

Cloud Hosting Sage Estimating for Construction

Sage Estimating Designed for Construction Industry

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Sage has been a leader in construction software. Trapp Technology allows you to use their powerful software when you need it wherever you need it. See how mobility on the cloud will make your Sage Estimating software a must have solution for your business.

Sage EstimatingSage specializes in software that makes every aspect of construction more manageable and efficient. The tools you have access to when using their software give your business the ease that keeps your business at the top of its game. Our partnership with Sage allows you to host their software on your own dedicated cloud server and this comes with many benefits.

Construction is an industry needs mobility. From the office to the many construction sites, workers have to visit multiple locations to properly manage their projects. When hosting your software on your Trapp Technology cloud server, you can easily access your data from any location on any device. The only requirement is an Internet or broadband connection.

Having mobility is a powerful asset to your business and your Sage Estimating software. Your access to your software is live and up to date meaning that you can improve your collaboration and keep your team updated with the most accurate information. Your team can be at different locations but see all the same information keeping them informed when making decisions. Continue reading “Cloud Hosting Sage Estimating for Construction” »

Finance Management on the Cloud with VersaCheck

Using VersaCheck on your Cloud Server

VersaCheck software is a solution that allows your business to create and print personalized checks. The software is the number one rated in finance management and check creation software. VersaCheck works great for any sized business and integrates well with your Trapp Technology cloud.

VersaCheckVersaCheck offers many levels of its software to fit small to enterprise level businesses. Depending on what your business is looking for, you can choose the software that fits your goals. VersaCheck X1 Gold is the basic service that combines check creation and book keeping.

You have a lot of power in your check creation. The software gives you control over the design as well as protect your checks. You can personalize every aspect of your personal and business checks with different font styles, logos, and shapes. You even have a choice of over 300 handcrafted images to customize existing checks.

With VersaCheck’s DNA logo on each check, each payee is encouraged to verify the accounts ownership. There is also a reverse printing technique that is used to make your checks difficult to reproduce. Keeping your checks secure ensures that your financial documents keep their integrity and that your money stays in your pocket. You can also print your checks with the MICR line banks use to verify information on checks they receive. Continue reading “Finance Management on the Cloud with VersaCheck” »

Get Mobile Enterprise Level Software with the Cloud

Mobile Devices Accomplish Enterprise Level Tasks

We are lucky to see technology develop into increasingly more powerful solutions for business. While phones and mobile devices make it easy to stay connected to family and friends or do some quick web browsing, there are ways to make that technology work for your business. The cloud is bringing enterprise level technology to our mobile devices and it is time we took advantage of that.

Mobile Enterprise SoftwareDo you own a cellphone, a tablet or any other mobile device? I know, it is probably a silly question. The reality is that it is tough to make it through the professional environment without being connected in some mobile form. How many times have you been saved by having your email accessible on your phone? There are so many ways that we have all improved our process just by keeping connected with mobile technology.

The cloud is pushing that same technology even further. We can now perform much larger tasks from our mobile devices with the same results and ease as if we were on a computer. But how does this happen? The cloud can overcome hardware limitations and give you access to any software on any device.

Enterprise Software is designed to satisfy the needs of an organization. This can be customer relations management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management, manufacturing, and many other business oriented tools. The cloud lets you bypass your hardware limitations and use these high level tools on your phone. Continue reading “Get Mobile Enterprise Level Software with the Cloud” »

5 Reasons To Start with A Managed Service Provider (MSP)

5 Improvements Your Business Gets From MSP

The cost of technology can be a huge expense on your business and managed service providers or MSPs can bypass those costs. When you utilize an MSP, your business will have access to the best technology no matter what the size. Moving your network infrastructure comes with many benefits that will promote the growth of your business.

MSPWith MSPs, you have the opportunity to focus your resources on your business rather than your technology. If you are already running your technology in-house, you know the amount of work that has to be put into maintaining your servers. Instead of focusing that energy and money on your IT, you can utilize MSPs for your technology needs. Here are 5 ways this improves your business.

No More Cost Overruns – MSPs proactively support companies by identifying the opportunities that will save the customer money. Often, budgets and people are stretched thin. This can lead to unfinished projects or the projects can be mismanaged and cause more overhead cost. An MSP keeps IT budgets on track and puts the right people on the job to complete the task. Continue reading “5 Reasons To Start with A Managed Service Provider (MSP)” »

Cloud Based QuickBooks Improves Data Accuracy

Have a Backup Plan With Cloud Based QuickBooks

Are you running QuickBooks on your own internal server? Do you have difficulty finding a way to take your data with you when you are switching computers? Maybe you would like to have a backup of all your information in case anything were to go wrong. With Trapp Technology’s services, you can easily assure that your data is safe and accessible on cloud based QuickBooks.

cloud based quickbooksWhen you have to take work home with you, you know you have to go through the methods of transporting the data. You have to save your files to a USB flash drive to move your data. What happens when you left your USB at home? What about running out of space and being unable to delete other important files on the flash drive? These are inconveniences that cost you a lot in time. If you have to rush back to the office to update important information, this bites into your personal time and is a bad use of your work time.

Cloud based QuickBooks allows for increased flexibility by giving you remote access to your files. Accessing your QuickBooks from anywhere and getting the same up to date data comes with many advantages. You no longer have to worry about how you are taking your files with you. Are you creating a lot of duplicate data or do you have to enter data more than once? If you are working on cloud based QuickBooks, you only have to enter the data once and the only duplicates you have are the back ups that will bring your data back if anything were to happen. Continue reading “Cloud Based QuickBooks Improves Data Accuracy” »

Rapid Inventory Software on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Integrate Rapid Inventory to your Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Rapid Inventory takes your QuickBooks software to the next level. If you need a great solution for inventory management, this option can be seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks. If you are running on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks, this option will make the integration an even stronger fit for your company.

Rapid Inventory

Rapid Inventory was designed to work hand-in-hand with QuickBooks. This software adds the crucial functions to manage your inventory without switching back and forth between software. You can improve your inventory accuracy, make faster invoices, and have better control over your sales.

You can keep your inventory accurate through the tools in the software. You have the advantage with inventory tracking, stock rotation, lot number tracking, and expiration tracking. The current state of your inventory and its location can be easily determined with the many tools you are equipped with. The integrated software then work together to create, pick, and invoice your sale orders. Continue reading “Rapid Inventory Software on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks” »