How Your Cloud Benefits From Net Neutrality

How Net Neutrality is Saving Your Cloud

As you may have heard, the FCC voted to create rules that preserve Net Neutrality. This has a huge and positive effect on your business. Keeping an open Internet fosters competitive growth and saves you from higher costs of running your business.

Net NeutralityWithout rules in place for Net Neutrality, people who use the Internet are at risk. Internet Service Providers have the power to block, throttle, and the ability to charge more for prioritization. When ISPs are in control of Internet, your business can experience a lot of problems.

ISPs can block access to legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices. Anything that goes against the ISPs interests can be blocked. This means, their competitors content and anything that represents their interests.

Throttling means that they will be able to slow access to sites that go against their interests. Instead of completely blocking access to the information, the connection to the information is slowed to a snail like pace. This will cause people to bounce off webpages and give up on connecting to those websites.

ISPs also have the power to create paid prioritization. This means that those slow websites will have to pay higher fees to get faster connection to their information. Say Netflix experiences a lot of traffic and ISPs decide to charge them more to keep their connection speeds faster. That would be both unfair to Netflix and their customers. Continue reading “How Your Cloud Benefits From Net Neutrality” »

QuoteWerks Specialized Quote and Proposal Software

QuoteWerks Integrates Product Information To Make Quick Quotes and Proposals

QuoteWerks software can be utilized by almost any industry. If you need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services, it is the perfect tool to do so. It is also incredibly powerful when utilized over your cloud server because it gives you added security and reliability.

QuoteWerksQuoteWerks has a lot of great features to both migrate and integrate your current information and operations. The software successfully bridges the gap between CRM and accounting to save you time, limit mistakes, and give you professional quote automation. With QuoteWerks you can integrate and leverage the software you already own and know how to use. This centralizes your data and eliminates costly mistakes.

Here are some of the features you can utilize by using QuoteWerks:

5 Questions to Validate Your Cloud Host

5 Ways to Know Your Cloud Host is a Pro

There are a lot of cloud hosting providers in the market. How do you make sure that you are going with the best? It’s easy to weed out the chumps from the pros. Here’s the best way to quickly find which cloud provider is going to give your company the best results!

Cloud HostHave you been calling Cloud Hosting Providers and trying to determine whether or not they are the company you want to trust your information with? Let’s face it. It’s a big deal to migrate your company information to the cloud. You need that information to be readily accessible to you and your employees, but beyond that, you need to know that it’s secure. None of us can afford to have our data stolen.

There are great ways to find out if you are finding the right cloud-hosting provider to trust with your data. These 5 questions can easily pinpoint whether that provider is legitimate or not.

1. Prove Your Compliance with Industry Standards
A legitimate cloud provider knows that a third-party auditor must validate their performance records. They must also demonstrate their compliance with standards such as SSAE 16. You should ask them about their compliance and for proof of their compliance. A cloud host that cannot provide you with that information should probably not be trusted. A cloud host should be excited to show you that their business is up to standards and eligible to provide their service at top quality. Continue reading “5 Questions to Validate Your Cloud Host” »

Do You Know the Internet Quiz

So you think you know the Internet? Sure, you’re probably on the Internet all the time, but how does it work?

Only a few people really know how we are able to remain connected via the Internet. We’ve put together some questions to test your knowledge! Take the quiz then watch other people we found try to answer these same questions.

How did you do? Learn anything interesting?
Here is a video of people who tried to answer our questions: Continue reading “Do You Know the Internet Quiz” »

The Importance of Accounting for Small Business

Lisa Walkup, CEO of Bsquared,Inc. B2, shares valuable tips on the importance of accounting for small businesses and how Intuit Quickbooks Software and Trapp Online’s Accounting Cloud makes it even easier! This guest post was originally published on the Bsquared blog.

Trapp Online - Accounting Cloud Hosting - Small BusinessWe take pride in helping our clients be the most successful they can be in operating their small businesses.  It isn’t always easy to rein in all the data necessary to analyze the higher level calculations necessary to financially plan for the future.  Many small business owners can become overwhelmed and essentially disorganized in their paperwork and receipts, leaving the accounting team with limited information to work with.

A valuable tip for all business owners is to start a process of maintaining an inbox or file with receipts to hand over to your bookkeeper or accountant.  For many companies, this is something easy they can do and by making minimal notes on receipts, the logic of the data becomes much more robust.  For example, if a construction company is buying materials for a job, they should write the customer name, address, or job number on the receipt so accounting can track Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) against the job’s income and determine profitability of individual projects.  Another example would be to note who you meet with for a lunch that if ever you are audited (up to 7 years out), you will remember exactly what the business purpose is.

QuickBooks | Trapp Online Cloud Hosting | Small BusinessSoftware like QuickBooks makes assessing the financial data so much easier for both the business owner and their respective accounting team.  By entering the receipts and data into QuickBooks or similar program; profitability, margin analysis, and cash flow insight are at the click of the mouse.  Many software programs such as QuickBooks are extremely user-friendly and customizable to the specific needs of any business.

It is recommended to have an accounting resource that can alleviate the stress and workload of the business and bookkeeping functions.  There are many professionals and business owners that are very good at what they do, but not great at the business and accounting management.  Others simply don’t have the time.  Try to find a professional or outsourced solution that can be flexible with your organization, knows the ins and outs of what to do and not do, and that is going to be vested in what it is you’re selling.  For any business, it is important to know that whatever team you have standing behind you, everyone believes in the mission, values, and product.

Operating a small business can be a difficult task.  By finding ways to stay organized, delegating the tasks that you are not most efficient at doing, and staying in tune to what works financially is the key to success.

Be the best decision maker you can be and best wishes from the team at Bsquared!

Lisa Walkup Bsquared | Trapp Online Guest PostLisa Walkup is owner and CEO at Bsquared,Inc. B2, established in 2006 by CEO, Lisa Walkup is a business to business consulting firm that specializes in accounting and bookkeeping.  The firm is now on its’ eighth year running with four employees and over 30 consistent clients.  The mission of B2 is to assist new or current business owners in beginning and maintaining accounting, bookkeeping, and day-to-day operational functions.  We efficiently access a client’s business needs and learn the dynamics of each individual company to develop specific policies and procedures.  To learn more about Bsquared,Inc. B2 Accounting and Bookeeping Consulting services, please visit

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Trapp Online Reviews & Case Study Highlights | CRE Cloud Solutions

As a cloud provider since 2007, we’ve conducted Trapp Online reviews and case studies in conjunction with Small to Enterprise-level business customers who have experienced extraordinary benefits from Trapp Online’s cloud hosting solutions.Trapp Online reviews - CRE Cloud solutions

Construction and Real Estate Case Studies- Trapp Online Reviews CRE Cloud Solutions

Our Trapp Online reviews and case studies reveal our client’s initial issues with software, hardware, and systems, and follow their journey to resolution through Trapp Online’s custom cloud solutions, including hosting for Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder), Sage CRE (Timberline), EstimationPro Jobtracker, Maxwell Systems, ExakTime TimeSummit, and more.

Out of the thousands of customers we have, Trapp Online reviews a compilation of case studies highlighting the benefits and advantages our clients have experienced through our CRE cloud solutions.

Trapp Online Reviews and Case Study Highlights | CRE Cloud Solutions  Continue reading “Trapp Online Reviews & Case Study Highlights | CRE Cloud Solutions” »

Trapp Technology Support Hours on President’s Day


Trapp Technology’s support hours are normal today. If you have any questions or issues to resolve you can submit a ticket at the Help Desk or call 602-443-9145 ext. 3. We’ll be happy to take your call.

We wish you a happy holiday and we are glad to keep your service running normally 365 days a year.


Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Jesus Huerta

Welcome Jesus Huerta, Trapp’s Online Content Coordinator! Learn more about Jesus and his role at the forefront of digital engagement with our cloud hosting customers!

Jesus Huerta, Online Content Coordinator, Trapp Online

Jesus Huerta | Trapp OnlineDescribe your job at Trapp Online.
I am the Online Content Coordinator. I am responsible for publishing content on our community blog and social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), and engagement on behalf of Trapp Technology with our online audience.

How do you describe what you do for a living to your friends?
I usually tell them I’m part of the marketing team in this really awesome tech company.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to do a lot of things! I wanted to be a doctor, a soul skater, a writer, a cartoonist, a scientist, a rock star, and an engineer. I jumped around a lot of options.

If you could trade places with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I think Neil Degrasse Tyson would be cool! It would be amazing to have the understanding of the universe that he has.

What’s the last book you read in its entirety?
I think it might’ve been Ender’s Game. I’m reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley right now.

What is your favorite sport to watch? To play?
I wasn’t ever a huge fan of watching sports. I liked playing them more. I play soccer and I guess watching the world cup is fun too.

What’s your ideal travel destination?
Japan. I’ve wanted to go there my whole life.

Where can we find you when you’re not working? Continue reading “Trapp Online Employee Spotlight: Jesus Huerta” »

CaseWare IDEA on Trapp Technology Cloud – 3rd Party Apps

Integrate CaseWare IDEA on Your Trapp Technology Cloud

Looking to add a data analysis tool to your Trapp Cloud? CaseWare provides user friendly software that quickly performs a data analysis and guarantees your data is organized.

CaseWare IDEA

CaseWare IDEA is a powerful tool for auditors, accountants and other finance professionals. The software allows you to analyze your data and assure that you maintain data integrity. Being able to keep your data organized makes the hassle of performing audits much easier.

Do you have a problem organizing data from different formats? CaseWare IDEA allows you to view data from different sources and a variety of formats in one place and then allows you to search through the data as a whole. You finally have the ability to import multiple data sets and view them as though they were one.

CaseWare IDEA allows you to import nearly any source including:

Sage 300 ERP/ Accpac Add Ons Phoenix – 3rd Party Applications

Find Sage 300 ERP/ Accpac Add Ons Phoenix Cloud Hosting solutions with Trapp Online’s Sage ERP Cloud

By now you know that Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac) is a complete and powerful suite that integrates financial, operational, and planning applications to SME businesses. Aside from connecting business intelligence from front-office to back-office, one of the greatest benefits of Sage 300 ERP is the ability to adapt to evolving needs with Accpac Add Ons.

accpac add ons phoenix

Sage 300 ERP can be cloud-hosted, online-based, or centrallay located on-premise. With a cloud-hosting from Trapp Online, you, and anyone you give permission to, can access Sage 300 ERP / Accpac Add Ons from your office in Phoenix, at home in Arizona, driving through the country, or anywhere in the world, from any smart device with simple internet connection.

Sage 300/ Accpac Add Ons Phoenix Continue reading “Sage 300 ERP/ Accpac Add Ons Phoenix – 3rd Party Applications” »