Home for the Holidays

Teresa Brown of Arte Antiqua shares home organizational tips, festive design ideas, and decoration bargains in 3 simple steps! This guest post is sure to inspire any busy Mom or professional just in time for the holidays!

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

It’s that time of the year when all our favorite holidays are right around the corner! We just finished putting away the Halloween decorations and now we are thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas in and around our houses.This is the time when we want our homes looking their very best. Some simple things can make that happen by sprucing them up.

Step 1:  First and foremost make sure your walls and surfaces are up to date, painted or faux finished, with clean baseboards and doors. I like to use the eraser type sponges to clean lots of different areas including grout, door frames and baseboards.

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5 Misconceptions About the Cloud Discussed

5 Myths About the Cloud Debunked

Cloud computing continues to grow as a powerful tool for the workspace. Many businesses are experimenting with its applications and how it fits into their operation. Though it is becoming more integrated with our lives, it is still a mysterious force to many.

CloudThere are many misconceptions that come with cloud computing. It is important to ask questions and make sure it is the right option for your company. From small companies to large companies, each has a question regarding the cloud and how it fits into their business.

Here are 5 misconceptions about the cloud and why they are not true.

#1: It Is Expensive
Software as a Service is actually a really popular method to utilize different software over a web browser. There is a huge amount of software at your disposal. Before, software required the purchase of different licenses for each user and the costs of each service added up. The cloud can host all the software your company requires at one low price. It is also easily scalable and can expand to fit your company’s growth. Hosting your data lowers IT costs and provides great resources for your company.

#2: It Is Only For Big Business
Cloud is actually an incredible fit for small business. Because of its affordability and accessibility, it is often adopted by small businesses that do not have the means to fund their own IT infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for small and growing companies because it gives them the resources they require. These services can be used by any size business looking for IT solutions.

#3: It Is Not Secure
There is always a fear about moving data to the cloud because of security. However, cloud hosting is dedicated to providing reliable servers. They are monitored and maintained regularly to optimize the security of your sensitive data. Servers require the input of a lot of resources. These resources include, equipment, staff, security, and land. Each of these contributes to the different methods to keeping data safe from any threat.

#4: It Is Not For Mission Critical Apps
When cloud services are first adopted, companies tend to start with simple services such as email. The cloud has a lot more to offer. From accounting software to property management, there is a wide selection of software to fit exactly what your company needs. The cloud also lets you access all your data from any location or device promoting productivity. They also provide safe storage for your data with backups to keep from data loss.

#5: You Need a Tech Guru to Understand
Chances are, you have used the cloud in some form without realizing it. These are everyday applications that you operate easily work exactly the same if hosted over a cloud. You are not required to learn any crazy technical mumbo jumbo to operate. You just access your data over a web browser and then get to work.

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Cloud Hosted Sage 100 Contractor Trial (Formerly Sage Master Builder)

Try a cloud hosted Sage 100 Contractor trial for 30 days and get end-to-end business and project information software, anytime, anywhere!

sage 100 contractor trial

Small to mid-sized contractors utilize Sage 100 Contract (formerly Sage Master Builder) to integrate business management and accounting systems in one easy to access platform. General or engineering contractors and subcontractors alike looking for a Sage 100 Contractor trial can expect a full featured, integrated project management and job costing software that’s been proven to withstand the most complex construction operations.

Sage 100 Contractor is an excellent alternative to piece-by-piece software systems, meaning it combines critical operations typically found in all levels of construction companies such as accounting, document management, project management, estimating, procurement, and payroll, in one seamless application. Sage 100 Contractor eliminates the need to transfer, download, and upload data to multiple platforms in order to create reports and accurate project tracking! Consider making the most of of your features and modules with a 30 day cloud hosted Sage 100 Contractor trial from Trapp. Start a Cloud Hosted Sage 100 Contractor trial here!

Sage 100 Contractor popular features and modules:

  • Customizable - dashboard, reports, queries, alerts and notifications.

Your Sage 100 Contractor is designed to custom fit your company and anticipate your unique needs. It serves as your competitive advantage and allows you to spend less time with administrative tasks, and focus more on development, implementation, and analytics to support your business growth.

  • Project Work Center – track and monitor financial tasks (invoice, accounts receivable, RFIs), complex project details (contracts, budgets, change orders), and key contact information (client profiles).

This feature of Sage 100 Contractor allows businesses to have transparency and clear visibility at all points of the project’s life cycle with fast access to key information and indicators from beginning to end, and even thereafter.

  • Document Manager – organize and store all editions of drafts, RFIs, billing, contracts, and other documents for convenient access and archiving.

Sage 100 Contractor allows businesses to become “greener” with paperless documentation, and ability to route all documents accurately for a clean audit trail!

  • Service Management- one application for accounting and operational activities, integrating service management, accounting, estimating, purchasing, and inventory features.

With Sage 100 Contractor Service Management, contractors increase efficiency by streamlining Service and Inventory for faster scheduling, deployment, implementations, and payroll processing!

Want to make the most out of your Sage 100 Contractor software by bringing it to the cloud? Trapp offers a 30 day Sage 100 Contractor trial on our ultra-secure, dedicated servers! With your Sage 100 Contractor trial, you can access your software from any PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, or smartphone with Internet capabilities. Gain access to your full-featured software through your unique customer portal during your Sage 100 Contractor trial, and take advantage of our outstanding, U.S. based technical and customer support, 24/7!

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Dedicated Cloud Servers Provide Reliable Connection to your Data

Dedicated Clouds Give Dedicated Resources

Have you ever booked a flight only to show up to the airport and find there are not enough seats for everybody? If there aren’t enough seats, somebody gets bumped from the flight. While there are chances to benefit from being bumped from an airline, what if this was to happen to your data on the cloud?

Dedicated CloudThe cloud provides a service that is crucial to the modern world. Your data is accessible from anywhere at anytime. At least, it would be available anytime if all clouds were the same. There are several types of clouds that determine how you can access your data. Making sure you are on a dedicated cloud server can assure that your cloud remains reliable when you need it.

Public clouds are typically owned and operated by third-party service providers. They benefit end users by offering services at a low cost and a pay as you go pricing model. Public clouds pool together resources that are shared by all clients. The infrastructure provided is also larger in scale than in-house cloud solutions. The software is typically kept at basic functionality so it meets the needs of the majority. Continue reading “Dedicated Cloud Servers Provide Reliable Connection to your Data” »

Private, Dedicated Clouds Enhance Data Security

Cloud Computing Brings Reliable Data Security to Your Company

It has always been thought that in-house IT systems implemented the safest data security for IT solutions. How could data ever be breached when it’s under your own nose? A study posted on USA Today states that 43% of companies had a data breach in the last year. Data security is a serious and costly issue that companies need to look into.

Data SecurityFor many companies, files have long since moved from physical filing cabinets to digital files that can be accessed with the click of a button. The move to the digital era introduced new risk factors that could potentially compromise your personal and client’s data. Now that businesses have moved to the convenience of digital storage, access to files is virtual and can be done from any place. An attack can come from anywhere and by the looks of it; businesses need to tighten up their data security.

As mentioned earlier, 43% of companies are experiencing data breaches. The study continues to state that 27% of companies don’t have a plan or team in the event of a data breach. Nearly half of companies have a problem with data security, yet such a large number still have no way to respond to breaches. Data security deserves dedicated employees looking to create and maintain a secure network that protects all company and client information. Continue reading “Private, Dedicated Clouds Enhance Data Security” »

QuickBooks Cloud Backup – What are your options?

There are several options for backing up QuickBooks data, but QuickBooks cloud backup could be the most convenient and secure!

quickbooks cloud backup

As best practice, companies from small to enterprise-level organizations should backup their QuickBooks files as part of their daily or weekly routine. However, some still don’t, and many of that number may not even know this is an option or fully comprehend why this is an imperative step to fortifying data security measures.

If you’ve utilized a computer in the last couple of decades, you’re fully aware that a myriad of problems can occur unexpectedly, at any given point to your software or hardware device. To date, millions of files have been lost, along with erroneous software updates, and corrupted hard drives. One of the most effective and easiest ways to prevent data loss and ensure data security is to be proactive and backup QuickBooks data to an existing drive or utilizing QuickBooks cloud backup!

Companies have several options available to backup their financial information, including local and QuickBooks cloud backup.

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Trapp Online’s SMB to Enterprise-level Cloud ERP Solution

Upgrade your ERP to the cloud to make the most out of your ERP software.

Cloud ERP SolutionIndustry experts agree that CIOs and applications leaders should begin considering a cloud ERP solution as a potential replacement for aging core ERP systems still running on outdated technology platforms.

Read more on how Cloud ERP Can Meet Worldwide Demands of Next-Gen ERP here.

The modern cloud ERP solution is a comprehensive system that combines and supports a broad set of organizational activities, databases, and technologies. Cross-departmental teams rely on an efficient cloud ERP solution to automate, streamline, and manage critical business processes spanning from accounting, HR, product planning, sales, to marketing.

Companies who utilize ERP software integrate multi-faceted operations through ERP software continue to demand “greater responsiveness and access to information”, along with “mobility”.

Trapp Online delivers the full-features and modules of ERP software with the added benefits only found through a cloud ERP solution. You and your business experience increased flexibility, accessibility, and mobility and Trapp’s cloud ERP solution. Continue reading “Trapp Online’s SMB to Enterprise-level Cloud ERP Solution” »

A Recap of Trapp’s Halloween

Last week was an eventful Halloween for Trapp! We celebrated by creating movie posters for the Nightmare Before The Cloud and holding our first annual witching hour. The Nightmare Before The Cloud was a fun project to put together and our staff created some wonderful posters. They have a retro horror movie look and they can be seen in the gallery below. The lunch included food, a costume contest and even a dance off! Awards were won and tummies were filled!

This has been a happy halloween at Trapp! Enjoy the pictures:

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5 Things Optimized with CRM in the Cloud!

Hosting your CRM in the Cloud can become the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

CRM in the CloudIn today’s business environment, utilizing a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential. CRM serves as a comprehensive gateway to all customer activity with cross-departmental capabilities. Customer insight becomes more in-depth when all users access the same database and communicate efficiently on the same system.

There’s a variety available for small to medium-sized businesses, including Sage CRM, SAP, Salesforce, Goldmine, and Sugar CRM, for example. Each software serves as a good tool on their own, but running CRM in the Cloud could be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for!

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Visual Rental Pro Key Features & Cloud Hosting Benefits

Visual Rental Pro, a reservation management system, is more powerful and flexible when hosted on Trapp Online’s cloud.

Visual Rental ProProperty management professionals know, an automated reservation management software like Visual Rental Pro serves as a distinct advantage over competition who manually perform daunting and redundant tasks such as property portfolio organization, client and billing trackers, and accounting for maintenance costs, commissions, and payables to property owners and third parties.

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