5 Things Optimized with CRM in the Cloud!

Hosting your CRM in the Cloud can become the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

CRM in the CloudIn today’s business environment, utilizing a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential. CRM serves as a comprehensive gateway to all customer activity with cross-departmental capabilities. Customer insight becomes more in-depth when all users access the same database and communicate efficiently on the same system.

There’s a variety available for small to medium-sized businesses, including Sage CRM, SAP, Salesforce, Goldmine, and Sugar CRM, for example. Each software serves as a good tool on their own, but running CRM in the Cloud could be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for!

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Visual Rental Pro Key Features & Cloud Hosting Benefits

Visual Rental Pro, a reservation management system, is more powerful and flexible when hosted on Trapp Online’s cloud.

Visual Rental ProProperty management professionals know, an automated reservation management software like Visual Rental Pro serves as a distinct advantage over competition who manually perform daunting and redundant tasks such as property portfolio organization, client and billing trackers, and accounting for maintenance costs, commissions, and payables to property owners and third parties.

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Benefits of DacEasy Accounting On The Cloud

Host Sage DacEasy Accounting on Trapp Online’s ultra-secure cloud to make the most of its integrated modules and reporting tools.

DacEasy AccountingSage DacEasy Accounting is a powerful, easy-to-use, comprehensive software package with flexible features to fit your small to mid-size business accounting needs.

DacEasy Accounting Edition Includes: Accounting module (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and more.) and Business Center module (a centralized location for quick access data).

Cloud Hosting:
Users who utilize DacEasy Accounting can make the most out of Accounting, Payroll, Order entry, POS, and Job Costing functions by hosting it on Trapp Online’s Accounting Cloud. Continue reading “Benefits of DacEasy Accounting On The Cloud” »

Rental Property Management Software | Cloud Hosting Benefits

Management companies can remain competitive with Rental Property Management Software hosted on the cloud.

As residential construction begins to regain back-to-“normal” levels, property managers seek smarter solutions for more efficient communication and day-to-day processes. In addition, data, despite how “big” or “small”, can be analyzed and leveraged for long-term strategies.

rental property management software

The majority of property managers have turned to Rental Property Management Software to handle accounting, document management, and automation. A comprehensive rental property management software can save time and money, reduce waste with paperless document storage, and streamline essential job functions.

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Cloud Technology Is Helping the Environment

Cloud Technology Helps the Environment by Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Did you know the cloud is environmentally friendly? I’m not talking about the rain clouds watering our crops. I’m talking about cloud technology hosting valuable IT solutions to companies all over the world. Cloud technology is lowering their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Cloud Technology and NatureHow does cloud technology lower a company’s carbon footprint? Cloud technology provides software and data storage over the Internet via server space. A company is often troubled by the task of hosting its own on-site servers to access their data and software. When a company switches to cloud technology for software and data storage, it lowers its need for on-site servers. The energy and space that would have otherwise gone toward those extra servers reduces the overall energy consumption.

When companies host their own in-house servers they suffer from unused computing power. No company is running 100 percent of their computing power all the time. The cloud lets companies use what they need and avoids unnecessary energy consumption. A company never uses more than they require at any moment.

Does switching to cloud servers just shift the problem? Cloud data centers work to lower their environmental impact by using efficient hardware. Their cloud technology strives to be the most eco-friendly available and it does not just mask the problem. Cloud technology allows for flexibility in energy consumption and works with eco friendly hardware.

Studies say that by 2020, utilizing cloud technology can result in carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil. As companies switch more of their data and software over to the cloud, they contribute to the environment by lowering their carbon footprint.

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How To Grow Your Small Business With the Cloud

Here’s An Idea: The Cloud Can Be Utilized To Grow Your Small Business

The digital age has come with many innovations. One innovation that can raise your small business to the next level is the cloud. The cloud can be utilized to drive down the cost of running information technology and bring many benefits through hosted software.

Small Business GrowthWhile building an IT infrastructure is essential to modern small businesses, it is also expensive. The benefits are often overshadowed by the price tag on the technology. The cloud promotes growth for small businesses by removing many of the costs involved in building information solutions. The cloud allows small businesses the access to servers and maintenance that would otherwise set them back. There are many benefits to moving to a cloud hosted service that can both save money and grow your small business.

Building an IT infrastructure consumes huge amounts of money. Some of the costs that come with that are equipment, maintenance, electricity, storage, and security. These costs can be a huge strain to small businesses. Cloud computing is a solution to lowering the common costs involved in IT.

Equipment is a huge expense for small businesses. Not only does it need to be bought but it also has to be maintained, powered, and protected. To accomplish this, the right people need to be hired. Hiring costs become a huge expense for small businesses, not to mention the employees needed to run your own servers. Small businesses need employees to maintain the equipment and make sure it is running at its most efficient level. The equipment also needs to be kept in a secure location, which comes with the cost of storage and guards.

Small businesses can avoid these costs by utilizing a cloud-hosting provider. For example, Trapp Corp runs its own servers, which it keeps in its own secure facilities. These servers are also maintained and protected from any harm. While it worries about the technology, small businesses are provided with all the software and IT solutions they require. Small businesses are also spared the cost of maintaining and securing facilities.

The cloud not only allows small business IT needs to be met, it also increases productivity. The switch to cloud hosted software allows access from any device with live updates. Small businesses increase collaboration regardless of location. Workers have live access to the data, which allows them to collaborate in a team wherever they are. This lowers the stress small businesses have when employees are out of the office. Cloud services are also incredibly scalable so when your small business begins to grow, the servers can always handle that growth.

Small businesses switching to the cloud greatly decrease their carbon footprint.  While on the cloud, small businesses will only use the serve space they need. Studies say small businesses can reduce carbon emissions by 90% from energy that would otherwise be used by running on-site servers.

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Web Based Construction Management Software Investment Continues Growth

web based construction management software

The construction industry has long been proponents for cloud technology, and a new survey shows no signs of slowing down on web based construction management software investment.

Since the late 90s, the construction vertical has been migrating to web based construction management software to increase collaboration, mobility, and security.

More recently, a mental shift in producing higher-quality products while working “smarter not harder” has moved cloud technology the forefront of the industry.  The Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook Q4 update, the foundation reports investment in equipment and software is expected to grow 5.5% in 2014, up from 2.6% forecast in Q3.  Furthermore, investment in software will likely continue to see moderate growth within the next 3-6 months.

Trapp Online hosts full-featured web based construction management software, such as Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder), Sage 300 CRE (Timberline), Builder MT, Maxwell, Interweave, and the like, compatible on a comprehensive range of devices.

Work on site, in office, en route, or at home, on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone, with just simple Internet connection. With a web based construction management software, you’re guaranteed to work with real-time data and feedback, anytime, anywhere! Continue reading “Web Based Construction Management Software Investment Continues Growth” »

Mobile Cloud: Our Devices are Always Connected. Why Aren’t We?

Making the move to the mobile environment:

Mobile Devices have allowed us to be connected to the Internet in virtually every way. We have several devices that connect us to online profiles, app stores, search engines and more. But these devices are often limited by their hardware capacity. Our devices just can’t handle the work PCs and Macs perform in the office.

Cloud Connects to Mobile DevicesAs employees become more connected via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we find a need in increasing the capabilities of our devices. People have become mobile, and their workspace has to satisfy those habits. How can we make our office mobile and promote productivity? The cloud may be your solution, bringing an end to hardware limitations. Regardless of the operating system you run, Trapp allows access to its cloud hosted software from any device, anywhere. What does this mean for the modern worker?

  •  Flexibility: Work when you need to, wherever you are. You will no longer be confined to the office to complete tasks. Whether it’s on site or from home, you always have your data ready.
  • Real-Time Access: Any updates you make are in real time and can be seen by your team. You are always in the loop and can see everything that happens live.
  • Cost Reduction: Save yourself from the cost of building and maintaining your IT infrastructure.  Trapp is an extension of your IT department. They take on the weight and expenses involved in your information solutions.
  • Avoid Downtime: With blended bandwidth supporting multiple Internet service providers, you always have your cloud available to you at the best speeds. If Internet service goes down from one provider, you will be seamlessly provided with the next best speed.

Trapp provides constant, reliable connectivity that advances the modern workplace. Anywhere your device connects you to the web, our solutions can connect you to your business. Keep your business mobile by utilizing Trapp’s cloud.

Become Mobile With Trapp Today!

Trapp Solutions That Increase Mobility:

Happy Columbus Day From Team Trapp!

Happy Columbus Day America!

Rumor has it this is a popular holiday for CPAs since the Q1 holidays are off limits!

Is that true?

Columbus Day cloud

Either way we hope you enjoy the day off and rest assured

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10 Common Questions You Need To Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider

Looking for a cloud hosting provider that provides you with the level of service, security, and control, is a great first step in the right direction!

Here are 10 common questions you need to ask your cloud hosting provider:

1.     What are your contract terms?
cloud hosting providerThis is one of the most primary and essential questions to ask when it comes to a major shift in business processes. Many providers will have a minimum service term or early cancellation fees, the bain of all contractual agreements. How can you commit to a long-term service and provider without any previous experience in dealing with them?

That’s why Trapp Online offers a 30 Day, full-featured trial for new clients. After the initial period, customers may select Trapp Online as their preferred cloud hosting provider and continue service with no contracts or cancellation fees.  We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations, and don’t require a binding contract to turn them into a long-term satisfied client!

2.     How long will setup, migration, and onboarding take and how much will it cost?
Many of our customers can utilize their cloud within 24-48 hours, depending on complexity. However, migration and implementation may affect setup time. While some cloud hosting providers have standard setup fees of $99/cloud, rest assured, Trapp Online provides setup, data migration, and onboarding support to our new clients, at absolutely no additional cost!

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